Sunday, June 6, 2010

preparing for midterms

With midterms just around the corner, this would be a good time to do a Test Preparation and Writing for Tip of the Day

#1 Test Preparation Strategies:
  1. Say goodbye to cramming. Set a study schedule for intense review 1-2 weeks before the test or exam.
  2. Commit to a (good) study group. If the group can't stay focused, they may not be the group for you.
  3. If you find yourself chatting, eating, laughing and joking around...this might not be a good study group.
  4. Protect your health. Do what you need to do to stay healthy:
    Eat well: fruits, vegetables, plenty of water everyday
    Exercise: go for a run in the gym, prepare a gym work out schedule
  5. Sleep well: 6-8 hours of sleep is recommended;
  6. Take Naps (if needed):
    -Don't burn out, if you didn't get enough sleep during the night then take a short nap!
    -Try and avoid long naps (2o minutes is recommended), last thing you need is to wake up from a nap feeling drowsy.
  7. Find out what is going to be on the midterm. Attend the lectures and tutorials, where midterm content is revealed. Ask your professor what to expect.
  8. Match your study strategies to the test format.
    -If it's a multiple choice test, focus on details.
    -If it's essay or short answer start making short outlines and structures as practice.
    -Test yourself. Practice problems from assignments and old exams.
    -Have a friend quiz you. Use flash cards.

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