Monday, June 14, 2010

General Reading Tips

Assigned readings, be it from textbooks, Xeroxes, PDFs, or novels, can be quite time consuming and challenging. Let’s face it, some readings can be quite dull and painful to get through.

Today's tip is to give you some brief reading strategies and to give you some motivation.

TIP of the Day:

General Reading Strategies:

  1. Read the assigned materials. Don't assume professors will cover textbook material in class

  2. Read ahead. Make sure you have assigned readings done BEFORE lectures. If possible, stay one week ahead of lecture.
    • Try and get some reading done before class because professors usually talk about the importance of each reading
    • If the reading is long and your time is limited then:
      • TRY to get a general idea of each reading
      • Read the introduction, read a bit from each paragraph to get the overall idea and finish the conclusion
  3. Read for comprehension. Don't read to memorize.

Stay tuned, the next TIP OF THE DAY will be focused on Tips with Textbook reading!

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