Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Roadblock in Your Job Search? Use the New Jobs Feature on LinkedIn


By Hilary Sehring, LinkedIn Guest Blogger

Have you spent hours, days, or even weeks scrolling through hundreds of job listings trying to identify the "perfect job title" that fits your interests? You're not alone. One of the biggest challenges job seekers have is knowing what types of jobs to search for in their job search, or even which jobs exist.

How Well Do You Match Up with Your Dream Job?

By Hilary Sehring, LinkedIn Guest Blogger

With its newly unveiled feature, “How You Match”, LinkedIn analyzes if you’re a good fit for a job position. Utilizing your education level, skills, years of experience, and current job title, you can see where you align, and where you may fall short. No matter the job function (e.g. finance jobs, consulting jobs, or information technology jobs), LinkedIn provides you with real-time results.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Managing Exam Stress: Staying Healthy (Mentally) during Exam Period

By James Rebello, Academic Assistant

School can be a stressful time, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed from your professional and personal circumstances. You may overextend to the point where you want commit to everything. A national study found that of 30,000 students across Canadian Universities, 90 percent felt overwhelmed by commitments they had this past year, while more than 50 percent said they felt hopeless, with 63 percent feeling very lonely.1 It is important that you are maintaining your physical and mental health.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Interview Tips for the Best of the Best!

Business situation, job interview concept. Job seeker present resume to managers. Free Photo

By Marissa McCrae, Career Assistant (Work Study student)

It’s about that time of year again, where graduate schools and summer jobs start calling candidates for interviews. I have compiled my best tips and tricks for you to help you out.

Study Skills: Your Life Line for University

By Vallari, Academic Assistant (Work Study student)

Every student entering university quickly realizes how vital it is to have strong study skills. Looking back at my own experiences as a first-year student, I can say without a doubt, that obtaining study skills does not happen overnight. Here are some general pointers to help you move in the right direction. In my blog, I will talk about basic distractions, note taking, your health, and overall expectations.