Monday, June 14, 2010

Testbook Reading Tip

Continuing from the previous entry on Reading tips, today's tip will be focused on textbook reading.

Textbook readings can be a challenge and difficult to get through. The best way to jump into a chapter is to get organized first. Get to know what the chapter will be aimed towards before you plow in. Last thing you want is to reread the chapter.

Follow today's tip on the 5 steps to textbook reading (Reading Tipsheet by Academic Advising and Career Centre)

Today's TIP:

Textbook Reading: The SQ3R Method

  • Preview the material first, by looking at all headings and sub-headings, glancing at diagrams and reading the chapter summary.

  • Organize a brief outline of the chapter, emphasizing main themes.

  • Note the length of the chapter and estimate how long it will take you to read it.


  • Turn headings and subheadings into questions you can use to test yourself on the material. Answer these questions while your read.

  • Jot down any unanswered questions you may have after reading to clarify in class.

Step 3 - READ

  • Watch for bold and italicized printing as clues for important topics.

  • Take notes in your own words. Use color, diagrams, key words, etc.

  • After each section, stop and take a moment to summarize that section.

Step 4 - RECITE

  • Answer questions about what you just read. Use the questions you generated when surveying the chapter.

  • Recite important ideas and any connections you see between chapters.
Step 5 - REVIEW
  • Review your textbook notes within 24 hours so material is not forgotten. (Skim over your notes, keeping the material fresh)

  • If possible, discuss the material with a classmate. (Ask them questions or just discuss the chapter)

  • Aim for a major review of all notes at least once before your midterm or exam.

  • Ask questions! Best way to remember and understand a reading is to ask questions.

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