Wednesday, May 26, 2010

use PATS to help you study

As the weather is warming up, midterms are coming up as well. Midterms and summer just doesn't mix, it is hard to study with the sun beating down.

Continuing my Study Tip of the Day, today's tip will be targeted at helping you study.

TIP of the Day:

Staying on task is quite difficult sometimes. If you find it hard to focus try the PATS model to help you stay on task:

  • Pick the best environment for you to study
  • Always reduce visual distractions
  • Try to eliminate noise around you
  • Self talk to control distracting thoughts
This is not as easy as it sounds. So here's some pointers that I use to help me follow "PATS".

If you are studying around your computer/laptop, turn it off or (if it's a laptop) put it away so you won't see it. If you need the computer to type notes, unplug the internet to help you stay focused. If you need internet for research, then log out of all social networks (like facebook, twitter, and messengers.)

Clear your table of newspapers, magazines, and novels that can distract you.

Find a quiet location, a place where there aren't so many noises.

If you like to listen to music whilst studying, try and listen to instrumentals only. Meaning songs that have its lyrics removed and with only instrument playing. This will help keep you focused and avoid singing along with the song. Use noise canceling earphones or use big headphones that cover your ears.

By staying focused, you can retain information easily and get studying done quicker. Don't forget to take short breaks during your studying time.

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