Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Career Compass Certificate

I am happy to announce the Career Compass Certificate by the Academic Advising and Career Center (AACC) has began.

What is Career Compass Certificate?
The Career Compass Certificate is a certificate given to students in recognition of their attendance to the set of seminars offered by the AACC targeted towards exploring career and employment options.

Why should I go to the seminars?
By attending these seminars offered by the AACC, you not only get a certificate but you also get experience with discovering career/employment options, writing effective resumes, cover letters, how to search for work, networking skills and interview techniques!

How can I get the certificate?
The Career Compass Certificate is comprised of 7 seminars aimed to help you explore your career options and prepare for employment. In order to get the certificate you will need to attend 5 of the 7 seminars:

You must attend ONE of the following:

Plus, ALL of the following:

Interested in participating?
If you are interested in taking part of the certificate, pick up your stamp card from the Academic Advising & Career Centre, Room AC213 today!

Each time you attend a seminar, you will receive a signature or stamp from the seminar leader. When you have completed 5 seminars, please submit your card to the Academic Advising & Career Centre. Once your attendance has been confirmed, you will receive a signed certificate.

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