Saturday, November 1, 2014

Tips on how to Create an Outstanding Resume

Have you ever wondered how to ensure that you stand out from other candidates when applying for an employment opportunity?  To be a successful candidate in today's competitive job market, it is extremely crucial to develop the skill of effectively marketing yourself.  Below are a few tips on how you can develop an outstanding resume.

1)  First Impressions:  Many recruiters spend about 10 seconds looking at each resume, and therefore you should try to make your first impression a lasting impression!  Create a resume that is well structured, concise, and specific using key words that recruiters care about.

2) List Experiences instead of Job Description:  When listing experiences on your resume, you should avoid listing responsibilities and should shift your focus towards concrete examples that show your abilities.  Start your bullet points with a strong action verb.  Afterwards, detail the impact that the action had by perhaps quantifying your accomplishments using statistics, percentages and performance results.

3)  Professional Internet Presence:  It is without doubt that managers are  increasingly using social media to recruit employees.  Including the link to your LinkedIn profile in the contact section of your resume would definitely be a great idea.  Aside from LinkedIn, keeping all your posts on other social media websites professional would also be a great idea as managers will not hesitate to search for you online.   

4)  Focus on what you plan to accomplish rather than what you have done:  One of the main purposes of a resume is to show employers what you can help them achieve in the future.  When writing your resume, be sure to not merely focus on experiences you have had in the past, but also what you see yourself accomplishing for the company in the future.

Always remember that whether you have no idea how to begin writing your resume or if you would like to have your resume critiqued, the Academic Advising & Career Centre has many resources that you can definitely take advantage of including Tip Sheets, Workshops, Information Sessions and more!

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