Saturday, November 15, 2014

Resources on the CLN: The Vault

Looking for a job? There are so many companies to choose from. What you need is a way to compare them all based on factors that are important to you. The Vault can help you with this, and while you’re there, why not read some of the many articles that are related to the job you’re looking for?

The Vault: Exploring Careers
Under the Resources tab on the CLN website, there is a link to The Vault. You will be asked to create an account, enter some information about yourself, and choose some industries that you’re interested in. If you’d like, you can enter your interests and work experience as well, and make your profile viewable to employers. You can also create job alerts based on specific criteria, so when positions and companies you’re interested in are hiring employees, you will be notified immediately.

Reviews and Rankings
The Vault ranks companies, schools and internship programs. You can choose to view an overall ranking, or rankings based on different criteria such as business outlook, formal training, client interaction, and diversity for women. You can also view more specific rankings, such as the best law firms for real estate or securities. In all situations, the website gives you the ranking for the current year and the previous year. If you see something that interests you, you can click on the company and it will list its highest ranking on all lists, reviews, and a complete look at the hiring process.

Industries and Professions
The Vault has an impressive 12 pages worth of industries that you can choose from, ranging from Advertising and Agriculture and through Radio and Real Estate. For example, clicking investment management, you have a general overview and different sectors within that industry (hedge fund, mutual fund, private equity, and venture capital). It also has a brief history of each of the sectors, their structures, and an overall outlook. Finally, it includes featured companies and related professions if you decide you’re interested, or related industries if you’re looking for something similar. 

Jobs and Internships
It also has a database of jobs and internships that can be narrowed down according to salary and duration of work. The job postings include wages, qualifications, and responsibilities to give you a very thorough idea of what the job requires of you.

Resumes, Interviews, and Career Advice
Need help on Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews? The Vault has a large selection of articles with tips on all of these subjects. The Career Advice blog also has articles on job searching, networking, new research in different industries, and more.

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