Thursday, November 6, 2014

An Overview of Career- and Work-Related Resources at UTSC: CLN

Looking for resources both on campus and online, pertaining to the topics of job search and academics may be rather challenging. For this reason, I have compiled a list of resources that will help students throughout their academic journey here at the University of Toronto Scarborough. This post will be the beginning of a series that will examine quite a number of these resources in greater detail. I will list links to everything discussed at the end of the blog post.

CLN provides students access to a large amount of job opportunities off and on-campus, in addition to resources in relation to internships and work-study positions also.  Some of these jobs can be applied to via email, that of which includes a resume and cover letter which can be directly uploaded onto the website, made readily accessible to an employer.

As I’ve mentioned before, CLN has many academic and career related workshops that you can sign up for. It has numerous workshops available every day!  I, personally, attended one called, Mastering Multiple Choice Tests and Exams because it would be beneficial for upcoming midterms. I was impressed with how much thought went into the ideas brought up during the workshop. For example, the key to doing well on multiple choice questions is practicing how to recall ideas immediately after you study them. You should break up long readings into sections, and after reading one section, you should be able to briefly recount the information you just read. By doing this, you will be able to recall these ideas on an exam. I think these workshops are incredibly useful, and I encourage all students to attend them.

Under the Resources tab, the CLN has links to external web pages including:
1.           Career Cruising: explore job titles and fill out questionnaires to see what jobs are suitable for your interests.
2.           Going Global: thinking about working abroad? Going Global has career guides organized by country, job postings, resume and interview information, etc.
3.           Directory of Careers and Employment in Canada: information about jobs, scholarships, the ebook “Ten Ways to get Straight A’s” which outlines how to achieve academic success
4.           The Vault: Ranks companies, features information about different industries, job search strategies, and also features a blog about career advice.

Next time, I’ll be taking you through The Vault in greater detail. I’ll also be attending a session with a career counselor to review and discuss my online self-assessment results, and I’ll share that experience with you as well.  I hope you will use the wide variety of resources available to you, and develop a deeper understanding about your future career.

Good luck on your midterms!

Links to pages discussed in blog post:

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