Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spend the Summer Wisely!

Alright! The Final Examination period is almost at its end. While a couple of you might be thinking about going for a LONG vacation in Summer and taking the much deserved break, a fair bunch of you might be considering taking a vacation as well as invest some quality time in exploring the job market. Let it be a summer job that you are hunting for or trying to refine your skills to secure a position in the coming academic year - this post is for everyone to benefit from.

Looking back, the very first job I ever had was a summer job. One of the main reason I wanted a job was to build a resume, to gather some relevant experience in the field. I wanted to gain a competitive edge by having not just the relevant education but experience that counts as well. Apart from just the experience though, my first job ended up gavin me a lot more. It gave me confidence and made me believe in myself. I still remember how proud I felt when I managed to complete the tasks that were assigned to me. The small gestures of appreciation that came my way from the management team meant a lot, and so did the constructive criticism, believe it or not!

The beauty of the first summer job I had was it allowed me to explore the field that I was extremely interested in. I have always wanted to be a teacher ever since I could remember, and it was for this reason that the first summer job I took was at a summer camp and I was responsible for designing and implementing the teaching program. Although it was not a full-time teaching position, it did me an opportunity to understand the responsibilities that came along with a teaching job. I identify this as a major contribution because it allowed me to experience the teaching profession earlier on my university career, helping me decide whether or not this is what I wanted to do every single day of my life.

It is always a good idea to maintain a connection between your education and work experience. While looking for any part-time work is a wonderful option in itself, it is important to understand that getting experience in a field relevant to your career aspirations could get you even closer to gaining that full-time job you have always wanted. This is mainly because of the various opportunity you get through these jobs, to connect with people in the field and establish valuable networks and connections. Apart from a networking opportunity, a job in the relevant field also helps establish clear connections between  theory and practical world.

Lastly, Always remember that AA&CC has lots of services available for students looking for part-time work opportunities both on and off campus. If you are not sure where to start, how to edit your resume in a way that screams attention, how to write your cover letter, or any questions related to such - Please come and visit us at Academic Advising & Resource centre at UTSC.

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