Friday, April 11, 2014

Eliminate your Distractions and Study Effectively for Finals!
As we are nearing the end of this semester, it's that time of year again! Yes, we are almost at the finish line..but before that, FINAL EXAMS!  It's a very important time to put in our maximal effort to achieve that satisfying grade! However, often times, distractions, temptations, procrastination tend to creep in, and make us lose sight of our initial goal.

Honestly speaking, it would be hypocritical of me to say that there should absolutely be no room for distractions in your life. In fact, without a few, I couldn't imagine how boring life would be. Now, that being said, when a task like final exams lies before you, I can assure you that distractions will delay the process of achieving your goal.  It's impossible to get things done with a million things on your plate!  Please take the time to apply the following 7 tips while studying for finals:
  1. Turn off internet: Literally pull the plug. The internet is ultimately the biggest contributor to time loss. Turn it off!  Now, if you absolutely need the internet, use Focal Filter or any other script to block out unnecessary, distracting websites. These sites are specific to internet browsers, so look into that!
  2. Turn off your phone: email, twitter, IM, text messaging are great forms of communication, but  could be distracting and interruptive, especially while trying to complete a task!
  3. Be selective with your study space environment: Ensure that your chosen study space is distant from potential sources of distractions: TV, computer, loud noise, etc.
  4. Headphones: Music is an effective method of eliminating or blocking out noise. If you feel that the music itself is becoming a distraction, keep the headphones on, but only without music.  
  5. Keep a neat and tidy study space:  Visual clutter can pose a major distraction. Ensure your desk is cleared, leaving space for only the study materials and utensils required.  
  6. Effectively handle interruptions: Although you manage to follow through this list, distractions are almost inevitable from time to time. If an individual interrupts you to provide you with important information, quickly make note of the task you left off with, so you can proceed afterwards. If friends decide to pay a visit, stand up (to stop them from sitting beside you), and politely let them know that you have an upcoming final exam, assuring them that you will contact them after exams are over.
  7. Distraction Time:  Allocate some time out of your study schedule for distraction time: emails, reading, Facebook or any others, but make sure you time yourself.  I usually go by 10 minutes for every half an hour of quality studying.   

With that, I leave you with hopes that you will take my advice seriously and do your best on your final exams!  

Best of Luck, 
Priya Antony

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