Friday, April 25, 2014

Courses At Another Campus

With the summer session fast approaching, there have been many students coming into the AA&CC office in AC213 to ask about their summer academic plans. More specifically, “Can I take a course at a different U of T campus” has been the question most heard in our office.  The answer to this question is a resounding “YES!” As a U of T student, you are allowed to take courses at UTSC, UTM and the St. George campuses. However, there are a few things to be mindful of before you start the first day of classes:

1 - Students are allowed to take up to 5.0 full credits (MAXIMUM!) at another University of Toronto campus. No more than 1.0 of a student's first 4.0 full credits as a UTSC student may be taken on another campus. 

2- Make sure to follow the credit limit rules because students may be withdrawn from courses after classes have started if their registration violates these rules. It’s your responsibility to check whether or not the number of credits that you are taking at another campus violates these rules.

3 - Check the prerequisites and exclusions of the courses you are planning to take prior to taking the course. Keep in mind that if you are taking a course at another campus, the prerequisites and exclusions will have different course codes than the ones you took at UTSC. It is best to contact the professor of the course that you are planning to take and inform them of the situation – they may be able to help you figure out if you have the appropriate UTSC course equivalents for the prerequisites and exclusions in order to take their course.

4 – Discuss your plan to take the course in advance with your program supervisor. If you are taking the course in order to fulfill a program requirement, it is crucial that you take to your program supervisor and get their approval BEFORE you take the course.  You don’t want to complete the course and do all that hard work only to find out afterwards that it doesn’t count towards your program requirements. 

5 – Fill out a Program Exception Form. Once your program supervisor has agreed that you may take the course from another campus as a part of your program requirements, you must get this in writing. An e-mail of approval from the program supervisor is not good enough. You must go to the Registrar’s Office and pick up a Program Exception Form. Fill it out and have the program supervisor sign off on it. One copy of this form will be kept by you, one copy will be left with the program supervisor and one copy will be sent to your file at the Registrar’s Office.

6 – Check the Calendar!! The Calendar is your best friend in the whole world when it comes to program requirements and courses. Make sure that you are checking the UTSC Calendar to make sure that the courses you are taking are in line with your program requirements. 

In the end, taking a course at another campus is always a new experience. Have fun with it and learn what a new environment has to offer you.

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Anonymous said...

Are you allowed to take a course at another U of T campus to fulfill any of the breadth requirements UTSc has?

UTSC Academic Advising & Career Centre said...

Yes you can. However, if it's part of your program requirements, you need to talk to the program supervisor first. You should also complete the following form and submit this to the Registrar's office.

There is a limit to how many courses you can take.

Anonymous said...

Ah, okay. Suppose that I did take an elective course at UTSG, how would I know if it fulfilled one of my breadth requirements and which requirement it satisfied, if any? Are the breadth requirements categories for UTSc ans UTSG similar?

UTSC Academic Advising & Career Centre said...


If there is a course you are thinking about taking and want to discuss this further you can give us a call at 416-287-7561.