Monday, November 4, 2013

Transferrable Skills: Checked!

Any skill that you have learnt either through your academic experiences or work experiences that you could use in a completely other setting or at a different job as well is called a transferable skill. The key is to make your resume pop up, so that the employer actually reads it before moving on to the next in the pile. Having transferable skills section on your resume is one sure way to attract the employer’s attention. 

A lot of employers these days are looking for transferable skills, perhaps because job market isn’t as static as it used to and they want to ensure that their employees will survive under harsher conditions by adapting themselves to every given situation. Having the ability to learn skill from every experience you encounter in your life and using it to adapt in any given situation is the key to surviving in today’s harsh competitive job market.

An important point to note however is that these skills aren’t only learnt at a workplace or through a job you have held. There are a lot of transferrable skills that you gain through your program of study. In fact I am going to be bold in saying that each course that you take teaches you at least one transferable skill. To get a list of transferable skills you gain through each program of study, please visit the tip sheet section made the career staff at AACC. The list of skills mentioned there is not exhaustive in any form but sure gives you something to think about to put on your resume under the transferable skill section.

Chances are that you would have gathered a lot of transferable skills over the course of your undergraduate or graduate degree. It is your job to edit your resume each time you apply for a job such that the skills that are relevant to the position you are applying for are only listed there. Time is a luxury these days and employers don't have the motivation to keep reading your LONG list of transferable skills, no matter how unique and wonderful they are. Spend some time getting a sense of what qualities the employer is looking for and highlight the skill set that you have gained that responds to the needs of the employer

Lastly, try getting more exposure to different job settings and titles so that you get a whole flavor of skills that you can display on your resume. Doing this not only exposes you to a different set of skills each time, it also gives you a chance to explore and identify your dream job!

Good luck on your resume!


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