Monday, November 25, 2013

Planning Ahead: Check!

The end of this academic term is near, with the final examinations starting in less than two weeks. By now, I imagine every student has a study strategy in place. Calenders might be colour coded according to the courses and their study times. Constant trades between study and sleep are probably being made on an alarmingly regular basis. 

Between studying for the exams and fantasizing about the upcoming winter break, the thing most likely to slip through the cracks is prepping for the Winter Semester. Now is a good time to review your courses for next semester one more time and carefully analyze each in terms of its transferability to your program or degree requirements. Although it might sound premature to you, it really isn't. Keep in mind that the courses you might want to take in winter semester might already have a waitlist and the earlier you register the closer your number could be to getting you a spot in class.

This is a wonderful idea for first years as well, Having experienced a semester at UTSC you should be in a better position to look through your courses again, realistically. Few courses might not have been what you anticipated them to be, you might be considering switching programs, you might be confused and scared about switching programs. A hard and difficult position to be in. But, help is here. As cliche as it sounds, we at AACC are here to help. Feel free to drop by our centre to discuss your concerns, questions, problems and we promise you that we will help you make sense of the complex world of academics at UTSC. 

A lot of students are planning to graduate in June 2014, please make sure that you come see us at AACC to get your degree review done. Saves you from going through last minute surprises. If there are any program or degree requirements that you have overlooked, its better to catch them now versus not being able to graduate on time because of the negligence. 

In conscious of competing priorities students face this time of the year, I will keep the post short and hope that the message did come across. Always plan ahead and don't shy away from seeking help. We wish you all the very best for your exams and wish you a great and peaceful winter break. 

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