Monday, November 11, 2013

Final Exam Preparation!

I know exactly what you're all thinking..."It's only November, why is Priya talking about final exams already?"

Now, this may not be a desirable task for you at the moment, but starting early, and preparing for exams, well in advance can make a rather significant impact on how well you do! So, I want you to take some valuable suggestions on how you could best prepare yourself for this time of year!
  1. Find out when your exams are well in advance and plan your study schedule accordingly for the days leading up to your final exam dates.
  2. Look to see whether your professor has provided a study guide for the exam, and follow through accordingly.
  3. Attend a final exam review session if your professor is holding one.
  4. It would be wise to meet with your professor and ask him/her for their expectations, and find out whether your exam will be cumulative or whether you'd be tested on a particular portion of the material covered.
  5. Discover your preferred learning style: What's your Learning Style?
  6. If you work well in groups, form a study group. 
  7. Find out what the format of the exam will be: Multiple Choice or Shorter Answer.
  8. Gather all your study notes, and double check with another student.  Borrow notes from another student if you've missed any lectures.
  9. Eliminate all your distractions, whether that be: facebook, twitter, tv, etc.  Turn off your phone!  This is a good indication of self control. 
  10. Take time to review your study materials.  Don't waste valuable time reviewing material you understood the first time you were exposed to it.
  11. Focus and allocate more time towards the material that seems to be more challenging.  Review these concepts thoroughly until you know it, regardless of the amount of time you spend on it.  
  12. Create yourself a practice test and begin to evaluate your own knowledge of the material, BUT only if you feel ready to do so, otherwise you may get overwhelmed.
  13. Don't pull an all nighter before the exam.  The last thing you want to do, is sleep during your exam! 

On the morning of your exam, it won't be a wise idea to cram additional information. Make sure you eat well, and dress comfortably. Furthermore, ensure you arrive early and stay calm!

While you are writing the exam, keep a close eye on the time.  You may want to answer the easy questions first, and allocate more time to the more challenging ones. It's really up to you on this one!

After you have completed your final exam, don't discuss your answers with others, as this may lead to unnecessary stress! Take a deep breath, it's over!

Additional Resources:
Definitely browse through these resources, and maximize your university experience! You will surely be equipped for success.

AA&CC is also holding a workshop on Thursday November 21st from 12:00pm-1:00pm
"Exam Preparation and Exam Writing-How to Ace Your Finals." in AA160.

This workshop will help you to develop techniques to improve your performance in multiple choice questions and essay exams. It will also cover techniques in learning to manage exam stress and anxiety. (SS certificate eligible)

Of course as I always mention, if you have any further questions, feel free to come by our office, AC213! We'd be glad to help! 

Best of luck on your finals! 

Till then,

Priya Antony

P.S. If you haven't done so yet, UTSC Fall Final Examination dates are available here.


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