Monday, November 15, 2010

Just Right: Developing you own Checks and Balances

Today's Tip: Finding the right balance.

Do you remember when Goldilocks broke into the three bear's house and sampled everything from beds to porridge? Everything as either too this or too that or just right?

If you look around at the people you work with, you will start to notice the same trend. There are three types of people- coasters, workaholics and the just-rights.

Usually the workaholics are your boss and managers, usually the coasters are those people that have been there forever and haven't really seen any upward mobilities, surfing through the weeks looking for Fridays.

Then there are the just-rights. They find that work/life stability that gets them ahead not only in their careers but also in in their personal lives. They're not too much of a workaholic and they're not too much of a coaster---they are just-right.

How do you find your own system of checks and balances between the three?

Here's a few tips:

#1 Work for it: Find your inner workaholic. Sometime syou just have to get down to work. Projects come against dealines, customer demand satisfaction and dises need cleaning. You wnat to get ahead and management expects you to get the job eat lunch at your desk and stay late a few nights this week.

Show them you are willing to work hard and put in some extra effort to get the job done and that our job MATTERS to you.

Enjoy the thrill of being crunched for time and tired out of your mind. BUT don't over do it or you'll burn yourself out. If you feel on the brink of burning out remember too.......

#2 Relax a little: Go coaster. After all the stress, whether one or six weeks, you need to find some time for yourself. You worked late getting that project done one time last week, you satisfied your customers and the dishes are done! Now it's time to take a minute and browse the internet while no one's looking or put on some music. If yo finish early, ask if you can leave early. Rest on Friday nights, party on Saturday night..catch up on TV shows or start a new series (I recommend Big Bang Theory or Community--good laugh).

#3 ride the wave: Get it just-right. Surfing involes some serious work but it also invovles some serious floating.

Workaholics work and work and as a reslult their careers might move up and up...but on the flipside their personal lives takes a dive. Coasters focus on hteir lives outside of while, and while their social lives might be intact their careers can become stagnant and simply a means to an end.

Work hard when you need to...but don't forget to take some time for yourself. Ride the wave and find the perfect balance.

Article from the magazine Jobpostings page 32 (Available at AC 213)

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