Thursday, November 25, 2010

Multiple Choice Tests

Most tests we take will have a multiple choice portion and today's tip will give you strategies to figure out the A, B, C and D (so on).

MQ's are usually constructed of two parts:

A) a stem that identifies the problem or the question and

B) a set of alternatives. Alternatives contain the key (correct or the "best" answer) and the distractors (possible but incorrect answers).

Our Job is to pick out the correct answer out of the list given, but MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)c an be challenging because they tend to test for detail. No part marks given, thus you cannot justify your answer. You either know it, you don't, or you guessed well.

Good news is, there is tricks to MCQs and today's tip will help you with MCQ tests.

Today's Tip:

Strategies for Writing Multiple Choice Exams
  • Watch your time. Don't spend too much time on one question
  • Underline qualifying words like "always," "never," etc. You'll pay closer attention to them.
  • Watch for typos as clues to the best answer. If one of the alternatives has a typo, it is probably not the key.
  • Eliminate wrong answers and see what is left over.
  • Beware of true statements that don't address the stem. Make sure the true statement refers to the stem.
  • If two items have similar wording, one of the parallel statements is probably correct. Often the choice comes down to two very similar answers. Pick the most complete response.
  • In a question with an "all of the above" choice, if you see at least two true statements, then "all of the above" is the right answer. This is self-explanatory.
  • Be systematic with confusing MCQ's with many alternatives, such as "all of the above," "A, B and D," etc. Evaluate each alternative carefully.
  • Review your answers. Always leave time to check your work.


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