Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Study Tips to Prepare You for Finals!

As we approach the end of the semester we also approach the season of final exams. Finals can be daunting especially when there are many of exams back to back, so to help you study, here's a collection of all the study skills tips aimed at helping you study and to get you focused.

The key is to study smart, not hard. Take a minute to read some of these tips...it might help you save a lot of time when you study! Study a little bit at a time and try your best to avoid procrastination.

Multiple Choice Exams

Improving Your Memory

Note Taking and Listening

Textbook Reading

General Reading Tips

Managing your time

Procrastination and Distraction

"PATs" studying model

Reward Yourself

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chandra said...

Nice post! its very good for students of all classes .it helped me a lot..keep up the good work!!