Thursday, September 30, 2010

Study Tips are back!

For those who were not around during the summer, I have been posting up Study-Tips to help everyone study smarter. These study-tips are courtesy of the Academic and Career Centre Tip-Sheets.

Today's tip is about the different types of learning styles and how finding the right style will make a huge difference when you are studying.

Today’s TIP:

Learning styles makes a difference when you're studying.

#1 If you prefer auditory modality of learning (learning by listening):
  • Reciting material to yourself while studying, talking outloud
  • Tape recording study notes so that you can listen to them while travelling to and from school or while exercising.
  • Have discussion groups, talk to someone else
#2 If you prefer the visual modality of learning (learning through sight):
  • Try using colour coding and highlighting text material
  • Using bullets to separate ideas
  • Making pictorial representations and diagrams of material to be learned
#3 Kinesthetic learners are those who prefer using whole body movement and real life experiences to help them to learn. If you are a kinesthetic learner, you will learn best from:
  • Typing notes into your computer (assuming you have time and are a fairly fast typist!)
  • Underlining or taking notes while reading
  • Making flash cards to record information for review
  • Actively writing on lecture notes and on print out readings to help yourself understand
Hope today's Study Tip is helpful, if you want to know more about study styles and other study skills, you can visit the AACC tipsheets for Learning Styles and other tipsheets.

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