Monday, September 27, 2010

Resources and Locations on campus (Photo Blog)

Remember the previous blog where I took you on a tour of the different places to eat on campus? Well, this time I will be taking you on a tour to the many interesting resources and locations at UTSC.

The Academic and Career Centre

Starting with the Academic and Career Centre. Located at AC 213 near the library, this is where you can find help with academic advising and career counselling.

You can find learning resources, latest job postings, private peer counselling..and many more other resources.

You can also make appointments to speak one-on-one with an academic or career counsellor at the centre.

So feel free to pop in sometime or visit the AACC website!

The Library

Not far from the Academic Advising and Career Centre is the Library. Located in the ARC near Tim Hortons and the Writing Centre.

Besides endless shelves of books, the library homes many quiet study spaces...great for studying on your own and working on group projects!

If you have term papers, essays or any other assignments that involves you researching outside resources, then definitely take some time at the library. The library offers librarians who are there to help with just that!

The Bookstore
Need to buy a textbook? Pens? Binders? Backpacks? Mugs? UofT memorabilias? Then visit the UTSC BookStore!

Located in the 3rd floor of Bladen Wing, the Bookstore holds all your academic needs!

The Health and Wellness Centre

Not feeling well? The Health and Wellness Centre has many trained professionals to provide you medical, nursing, wellness information and health promotion.

Located upstairs of the Student Centre, SL-270


Need to photocopy something? Need to fax a form/letter? Need to print an assignment/file?? Well then visit CopyKats!

Located in Science wing, besides the Meeting Place. Look for the sign CopyKats

Women's Centre

The Women's Centre is located upstairs of the Student Centre, SL-224

The centre is there to improve the condition and status of women at U of T.

If you need someone to talk to, questions or other concerns feel free to visit the centre or visit the Women's Centre website

Math & Statistics Learning Centre

The Math and Statistics Learning Centre (MSLC) is located in AC312 of the ARC

MSLC provides free seminars, workshops, virtual tutoring, individual appointments, and small-group consultations to improve students’ proficiency in various subjects of mathematics and statistics.

The Math Aid Room is located in S-506F of the Science Wing

The Office of Student Affairs & Services

The Office of Student Affairs & Services is located in Student Centre, Room SL-157

The Office of Student Affairs provides leadership and general oversight for the entire division of student affairs, including all student services as well as providing unique campus services such as notary public services, budget leadership for the Council on Student Services, managing the undergraduate Academic Travel Fund and IT coordination for all departments.

The Office also functions as a clearing house for information and referral related to the student co-curricular and extra- curricular experience.

The Writing Centre

Need help with a paper? Essay? or any writing needs? Visit the Writing Centre. Located across from the Library in the ARC.

The Writing Centre service provides support for teaching and learning through writing for all University of Toronto Scarborough students

Also, the centre offers many seminars that helps you with academic writing and reading. Visit Writing Centre website for list of seminars and sign up on the intranet.

The Doris McMarthy Gallery
The Doris McCarthy Gallery is located in the Academic Resource Centre.

DMG houses many permanent collections as well as many exhibits. Visit the DMG website for more information!

Hope this little tour across campus is helpful. Stay tuned for more interesting locations on campus!

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