Friday, October 29, 2010

Improving your memory

Having a good memory is a cornerstone of academic success. Today's tip is set on helping you improve your memory.

It is thought that humans possess two major types of memory: short‐term memory (STM) and long‐term memory (LTM). If you wish to be successful on tests and exams, it is important to have crucial information stored in your longterm memory.

Frequent review of material is important.

Today's TIP:

Always review your lecture notes and recite material within 24 hours of your class to encourage information transfer from your STM to your LTM. LTM allows retrieval of information decades after it is stored, and its capacity is considered to be infinite.

I know it's not the most exciting exercise to go through your lecture notes, as reading your notes can be very dull and by the end of ther material you still don't remember.

Instead, try to go through your notes and write post-its of the most important points. Then post the sticky-notes around your room, and the next couple days go through your sticky-notes to refresh your memory. You might find that the information starts to stick and next time you go through your lecture notes you will remember points faster.

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