Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tips for Landing that Summer Job

By James Rebello, Academic Assistant (Work Study student)

Searching for a summer job can be overwhelming. However, starting early and preparing materials can make this process easier. Outlined below are some steps I personally use when job seeking.

Stay tuned for an exciting opportunity available this summer to become a Get Started Coach, an academic orientation leader, with the Academic Advising & Career Centre. I hope you find this blog helpful in finding work this summer.

Prep Your Materials Early!

First, narrow down which field you would like to work in – this will make your initial search a lot easier. If you are unsure of which field, this is a great opportunity to experiment and discover your interests. Please visit our website for tipsheets that explore career options relevant to your degree.

Start by updating your Resume and Cover Letter, making sure you are using appropriate formatting and wording. When looking for jobs, the Career Learning Network is a great resource for both current UofT students and graduates. Once you have been invited for an interview alert your referees  to ensure they will be available and ready to provide you with a reference.

The Job Application Process

When you start applying for jobs read the posting and required qualifications. For summer jobs specifically, some positions may be part-time or full-time. Also make sure you are paying attention to the deadlines and that there may require supplementary materials depending on the position.

Interview Strategies

If you are invited for an interview, you can prepare by first looking over the initial job posting to know what specific skills the employer is looking for. During your interview, it is important to show that you are interested and engaged. "When communicating, try to be expressive (alive, animated in speech), articulate (clearly pronouncing words), concise (try not to ramble), focused (sticking to the main point) and direct (be straightforward in your responses)" (Beatty, 2003).

To practice your interview skills, our office offers Mock Interview sessions with Career staff - book an appointment by phone or by visiting us in person. Ensure you are dressed professionally for your interview.  Make sure you arrive atleast 10 to 15 minutes before your start time.

Now that you are aware of the steps you need to take, the following position may be of interest to you:

Get Started Coach Position with the Academic Advising & Career Centre

The Academic Advising & Career Centre at UTSC offers an amazing opportunity to become a Get Started Coach for the summer. Get Started is an academic orientation held every year to ensure a smooth transition for students coming from high school to university.

I personally found this experience amazing, since it allowed me to improve my leadership and communication skills, and gave me an opportunity to share my personal experience with students. The Get Started program really challenged me to improve overall. With extensive training, we did our best to elevate the experience for students and parents. I was also able to bond with all my fellow coaches through the program, which made the experience fun and rewarding overall.

If you are looking for an opportunity to give back to students, share knowledge, develop your skills and create lasting friendships, this position is for you. Please note applications are due February 4th, 2018.

Of course, if you have any other questions about the position, please do not hesitate to visit us.

I hope you find these tips helpful in your summer job search and hope you are interested in becoming a Get Started Coach!

Until Next Time,

James Rebello

Academic Assistant

Resources That Can Help You:
  • Resources on career exploration:
  • Resources for your resume and cover letter: 
  • Link to the Career Learning Network:
  • Resources for interview skills: 
  • Resources for professionalism: 
  • If you would like someone to review these materials, our office offers Rapid Resume Reviews weekly from 10 – 12 pm 
  • You can also see a career counsellor as well during our drop-ins from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm (Monday to Thursday) and 10:00 am – 2:30 pm (Fridays)
  • Please make sure you print out a hardcopy of the materials you want looked over!

Beatty, R. (2003). The Interview Kit: second edition. N.J.: Wiley.

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