Friday, July 3, 2015

Motivation for Post-Midterms

After exams you may find it a struggle to get into the routine of studying. Not only do students usually feel exhausted, but they feel unmotivated and unwilling to push onwards till the end of the term. However, what you may not realize is that post-exam period is a crucial part for course material. It is the transitional period where professors usually cover material that is either fully weighted or mainly covered in the final exam. Here are some tips you can follow to help you stay focused and prepared post-midterms.

Create a Schedule:
It really helps to be organized and by creating a schedule you can ensure that you are on track with readings and lectures. A schedule can also come in handy for extra-curricular activities such as work, volunteering, and friends and family. By writing it all down either on a phone or piece of paper you have a solid plan to stay on track.

Pick a Place and Come Prepared:
For me personally I need a quiet area where I can focus on studying specifically, this happens to be in my house. When you choose are study place it should be an area that has the least amount of distractions, close to available resources and where you feel personally you can focus well. This can be in the library, at home in the bedroom or even at school. Make sure you bring all necessary materials needed such as pens, paper, and highlighters so you are able to study efficiently.

Remove Distractions:
Many of us are bombarded by various distractions while studying, whether it's Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter etc. For me personally I find that I can go on Facebook start scrolling and end up wasting 30 minutes of my time. These distractions not only make us procrastinate, but push us further from the goals we wish to achieve. My advice is use the tools to your benefit by utilizing them as rewards for studying well.  By removing distractions you can not only help improve your efficiency but become more focused.

Reward Yourself and Have Fun! :
Remember to enjoy yourself while studying for your courses, take a break whenever you feel you need one so you don’t become overstressed. A schedule can come in handy here since it can not only let you know when you have free time, but when you need to buckle down. This can either be going to movies, out to dinner or doing anything considered fun.  

Hopefully with these tips you can stay motivated throughout the semester and continue to pursue your goals. Here are tip sheets that might be helpful:

Good luck on studying!
-       James Rebello

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