Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Stay on Track This Summer

Oh yes, it's time for summer school again.  Whether you are taking courses to be ahead for the upcoming year, or you are catching up from the past year, we can all agree that going to school in the summer is not always fun.  With all the distractions that come with the summer season: vacations, cottage trips, barbecues, visits to the beach, and lots more, often times students can lose focus, motivation and and concentration during the crucial summer semester.  Below are a few tips on how you can stay on track this summer semester:

Manage Your Time

Practicing good time management is extremely important for every student, and can be more important for students taking any accelerated "F" or "S" summer courses.  Keep a weekly schedule of classes that need to be attended, readings that need to be read, and assignments that need to be completed to help you keep track of your work, and plan ahead.  Check out the 2nd page of the "Thinking of going to summer school?" tip sheet for a "weekly planner."      

Make Room for Some Fun

Always ensure that you make time for fun during your summer semester.  After a productive week of studying, make time to watch a movie, have dinner with a few friends, or do anything you would consider "fun."  If good time management is practiced, a few hours of fun per week will not hurt at all and can motivate you for the upcoming week of studies; just ensure you do not get carried away.  

"Buckle Down" During Exam Season

Although a little fun can increase your motivation to study, going out a few days before your midterm or final exam is probably not the best idea.  Your performance on midterm and final exams will have a very large impact on your final grades and essentially your GPA.  To avoid doing poorly on your exams, you should ensure you put away all distractions and really focus on studying during exam season.  

I hope the above mentioned tips will help you get through the upcoming summer semester!  Here are a few more tip sheets that can come in handy this summer:

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Good Luck in your studies and have a great summer!!

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