Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Art of Networking - Tips & Tricks

        Whether you're a student in your first year, or preparing to graduate, there are many benefits to be gained from attending various networking
or mix & mingle events. These events offer you the opportunity to connect with peers as well as professionals in your field. These events are opportunities to expand your network, explore your field, as well as a chance to get answers to your questions from people who have first hand experience and knowledge.

        Of course, we understand that going to networking events can be an intimidating experience. This article from The Muse offers tips for navigating your first networking event. Here are a few stand out tips from the article that are useful, even if it isn't your first time at a networking event!

        - Have a goal: be informed before you attend
          Before attending a networking event, it's a good idea to be aware
          of your motivation for going; ask yourself what you're hoping to
          accomplish by attending, and what questions you'd like to ask, and
          who you'll potentially be connecting with. A little bit of research
          before attending may be a good idea, so you show up to the event
          well-informed. Consider taking the time to learn some information
          about professionals that are attending by looking up information
          about the company they work for, or seeing if they have professional
          profiles on sites such as Linkedin.

        - Show sincerity and interest
          It's always a good to have an idea of what questions you'd like to ask,
          or what information you'd like to get during these events. Also, don't
          be afraid to ask them questions about what they do, and how they've
          enjoyed their experiences in the field!

        - Dress to impress!
          While you are a student, it's still a good idea to put effort into looking
          well put together, rather than disheveled or disorganized. At these
          events, you will be connecting with professors and other
          professionals. Making a good first impression is always a positive!
          Also make sure you're comfortable; this will help you feel, and exude,

         Formal networking events aren't the only times that you can put these tips to use. You may find yourself in other situations or events where the opportunity to network and make connections arises! A few months ago, I was attending the Student Leaders Reception, and I took it as an opportunity to make connections with various Professors, Directors, and members of the UTSC Administration. In instances like these, it's important to remain sincere and interested. Don't hesitate to start a conversation with someone and share your interests, as well as learn more about theirs!

        As you may already know, March at UTSC is Choosing Your Program Month, and there are a ton of events and fairs taking place to help you decide which program(s) are right for you! Here are some networking, and mix & mingle events being held as part of Choosing Your Program Month:
        - Science Networking Night: Thursday, March 26th
          from 5:00-8:00 pm in the IC Atrium

        - Centre for French and Linguistics Mix & Mingle:
          Thursday, March 26th from 2:00-4:00 pm in room MW 130

To sign up for these events, visit the "Events Calendar" on! For a full list of events, click here.

Happy networking!

Ling Lam


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