Thursday, February 5, 2015

Perks of Working Part Time

Whether it be due to the increasing cost of living, rising tuition fees or even to have a few extra dollars when hanging out with friends once in a while, many university students find that it is almost a necessity to work part time while enrolled in full time classes.  Some argue that working part time can take a toll on students' grades, however there can be many advantages to working part time if good time management is practiced.  Below are a few perks of working part time when in school:

1) Flexibility:  

Many employers are willing to schedule shifts around your school timetable; and don't mind if you occasionally request time off to study during exam season.  When choosing where to apply for your part time job, ensure that the organization understands your need for flexibility, and notes that you are a student first.  Working On-Campus offers great convenience and flexibility for students.

2) Fundamental Skills: 

Regardless of what field you wish to work in, there are some fundamental skills that employers look for in all their candidates.  To name a few, some of these skills include good oral and written communication skills, the ability to work under pressure, problem solving skills, and team work.  Part time jobs allow students to develop these fundamental skills making them better equipped for the work place.

3) Relevant Experience:  

Yes your grades are important, however your experiences throughout your undergraduate degree are equally as important, and sometimes even more important!  Part time jobs allow students to have extra experiences to add to their resumes; ensuring that they stand out from other candidates.

4) Network:  

Many managers and recruiters choose to hire individuals whose personality and work ethic they already know and of course like.  If not for their own department, coworkers, supervisors or managers may refer you to jobs with other departments, again giving you a competitive advantage.  Aside from employment, networking also opens doors for students to learn about different fields of work; and can allow students to explore career options that they may not have known existed before!

I hope the above mentioned advantages have convinced you that aside from the obvious benefit $$$$$, working part time can have a very positive impact on students!  Whether you are applying for a part time job, or would like to use the experiences from your part time job to apply for other employment opportunities, it is extremely crucial to market your skills and experiences on your resume in a convincing and effective manner.

Always remember that whether you have no idea how to begin your job search, or if you would like to have your resume critiqued, the Academic Advising & Career Centre has many resources that you can definitely take advantage of including Tip Sheets, Workshops, Information Sessions and more!

Feel free to visit to sign up for any events, or come by our office at AC213 to book an appointment with one of our amazing Career Counselors or Employment Coach!  

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Good luck with your job search!  Until next time,

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