Saturday, July 7, 2012

Enrolment 101

July has just started. So, summer is here but that also means enrolment is just around the corner. University is exciting but can be overwhelming at times.  As the weather gets more humid, maybe spending time inside, decoding the course codes and planning your time table for the year, where a/c is blasting is not the worst idea.

Deciding what to take can be hard and overwhelming, especially for first years. With the long lists of courses available, it is important to know what program requirements you need to take. One of the common questions the AACC usually deals with is "Am I only supposed to take courses in the breadth requirement that I got accepted in (e.g. in Psychology, only psychology courses)?" Although most courses you prefer to take are obviously in the program you got accepted in. However, if you want to take courses not in your program, then that is also acceptable. Those courses can be counted towards your degree and as electives. This can also be a chance for those undecided to scope around on what Subject POst(s) you will eventually choose. 

Students do not usually choose a specific Subject POst until they have completed 4.0 or more university credits (usually after their first year). Have a list of those courses you want to take for your first year. A good advice is to read over the calendar  to see descriptions of the courses you potentially may take, while taking note of the co-requisites and/or exclusions (if there are any). 

Understanding courses codes is also important. An example is seen below:

Course Example:
ANTA01H3F = Description: Intro to Anthropology

ANT = 3 letters indicate the discipline (Anthropology)
A01 = First letter indicates the level (first year begins with A, 2nd year begins with B...)
H = Indicates Credit Value (H = 0.5 credit; Y = 1.0 credit)
3 = Campus Identifier (3 = UTSC; 1 = FAS; 5 = UTM)
F = Session Code (when course runs):
       F = Sep-Dec or May-June
       S = Jan-Apr or June-Aug
       Y = Sep-Apr or May-Aug

After determining your timetable for the year, I think you are ready to enrol. Make sure you check your start time on ROSI on July 9th, Monday.

If further inquiries come up,  AA&CC is available and the registrar's office are available, as well as registrar's registration guide. Don't miss out on the Get Started program to learn what courses you need to take.

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