Monday, July 30, 2012

Almost there!

           It’s that time of year again when final examinations are just around the corner. I know most of you heard that UofT is notorious for its deadly multiple choice exams and now you are thinking you’re screwed.. don’t despair! Here are some study strategies and tips for writing your exams that I know can help you pass with flying colours:

1.   Read thoroughly
Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) may seem to be confusing, as they test for detail. Studying your materials meticulously is the best approach in tackling this problem. Reading and cramming is not enough but understanding and applying the materials should also be done. Testing yourself as you go through your study materials is beneficial as well.  

2.  Acronyms
      Most MCQs tend to cover a lot of materials. Studying rigorously can be challenging. So, I find using acronyms helpful. Connecting these terminologies with a story I made up or with my own experience can also help me remember. Lastly, going through old exams and sample questions is also helpful so you know what to expect.

3.  Take note of clues

When writing the exam, you should take note of the certain words like always, never, or not. These words are crucial in answering the MCQs because they can completely change the nature of the question.

4.  Skip a question and come back to it.

When you come across a question you are not sure. Don’t guess, skip that question and come back to it after you finished your exam. Some questions may be associated with other questions. Make sure you read the questions and answers thoroughly.

5.  Evaluate each choice carefully.

Most students struggle with choices that have similar wordings. When addressing this kind of situation, it is useful to go through all the choices first then eliminate those dissimilar alternatives. Try not to be confused with those questions that have “all of the above” option. Among the similar choices, the best option is usually the one that gives the most complete information.

6.  Watch your time and review your answers

Try not to spend too much time on one question. Answers often come to you as you go through exam. Giving yourself time to review your answers at the end is crucial to catch careless errors such as accidentally filling in the wrong bubble on your scantron. However, don’t forget to not second-guess yourself. If you have reasonable arguments to change your answer, then do so. Otherwise, trust your first instinct.

I find this tipsheet helpful so don’t forget to go through it for further strategies in helping you ace your MCQs exams! 

Also, don’t forget to organize, plan and distribute your study time as early as possible to avoid procrastination. Thus, reading at least two weeks before examinations start is beneficial.

This is my last blog post for the summer. So chin up my fellow summer school-ers, we’re almost there until our actual summer starts.

Happy studying,


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