Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ace is hungry (Photo Blog)

I was studying earlier and felt hungry. So I went on a little tour around school to the many places to eat on my attempt to decide what I wanted to eat.

My stop took me to the vending machine in the Science Wing
. Great place to go for food when everything else is closed!

Next, I passed Tim Horton's, or as I like to call Timmys.
With two entrances and a lot of seating, Timmy's is one of my favourite place to hang out. After I grabbed
some timbits, I am off to the next location on campus!

Not far from Timmy's is the Market Place.
Located in the H Wing of the school. The Market Place offers a large variety of food from burgers to pasta. There's also two floors of seating connected to the Market Place, great place to have meals with friends.

In the Student Centre, you can find Subway, A&W, Treats as well as Asian Gourmet. My favourite is Treats, where you can find me buying myself bubble tea and sandwiches!
I bought myself a cookie here and set off to the next location.

Next, my tour around campus takes me to where I spent most of my time watching the FIFA World Cup and other sporting events: Rex's Den!
There's not games on TV today, so I moved on to the next location.Downstairs of the Student Centre is Rex's Den where large screen TV and restaurant combine for the perfect sports-watching environment.

Campus Xpress, housed also in the Student Centre is, what I like to call the on campus convenience store. If you are craving chocolate bars, chips, drinks, candy, coffee, ice cream, yogurt, assorted gummy candy and just about any other snacks...then I would recommend you visit the Campus Xpress. (Also, this is where you can buy TTC tokens, hoodies, stationaries and other non-food items...more on that in later blog entries.) I am feeling thirsty, so I bought (an infamous) Arizona tea here.

I finally found what I wanted to eat at UTSC's own hot dog stand. Located outside of the Student Centre near the student drop off area is the Hot Dog stand. Chicken, beef, vegetarian hot dogs...all can be found here! I bought myself one and now I am ready to study once again.

Stay tuned! More photo blogs to come!

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