Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ace is everywhere Part one (photo blog)

This week's photoblog, I will take you on a tour to some interesting spots on campus!

Do you need to photocopy, print or fax files??? Do you need to print items that's not on the standard letter paper? Then CopyKats awaits your visit! Located in the Science Wing right next to the meeting place (the giant square area of the Science Wing). I am a frequent visitor of CopyKats as you can see in the photo :)

Science Wing Meeting Place, where most of the Acedemic Advising and Career Centre Fairs are held. As well as many special events.

Study study study! There are many study spaces around campus, you can find them in the Science Wing, H wing, Arc and library. If you need it to be absolutely silent, there are Ultra Quiet study spaces upstairs of the Library. My favourite spot is in the Science Wing, as you can see in the photo.

Checking out the latest news on campus. You can find these TV all over campus with the latest campus news as well as the weather report.

If you forgot to bring your cell phone and need to call someoneyou can do what I do... use pay phones on campus. You can find these pay phones in the AA building first floor across from the "Welcome Hall".

Need to do a research paperor essay? In need of a quiet place to study? And you don't mind being surrounded by books? Then the library is the perfect place for you! Located in the Arc can't miss it!

In a hurry and don't have a chance to wash your hands, you can find these Hand sanitizer Stands all over the campus.

If you live far from UTSC and need a place to stay while studying at UTSC there are on campus residences! Town houses and Foley Hall located in the South Rez and Town Houses located in North Rez, all set aside so students can stay on campus.

Stay tuned for more interesting places on campus in the Ace is Everywhere Part Two photoblog where I will be showing the resources on campus!

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