Thursday, November 12, 2009

Belly Wopper

For those of you who have had time to take your face away from your laptops, notes and books have experienced the cold breeze and tumbled leaves. That just means one thing winter’s right around the corner and so comes the Belly Wopper. You probably are wandering, now what is a belly wopper? Simply put, it’s the bulge U of T student’s tummies forms over the winter. This is due to our fear of the cold, and our desires for warm fatty comfort foods. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will not only make you look good as you ring in the holidays but will definitely make you feel good on a mental level as well. It is proven that those who exercise on a regular basis perform better in school. Remember that you have already paid for your UTSC gym membership as soon as you enrolled for courses, so make use of it. Instead of waiting on our super speed state of the art elevators opt for walking the stairs and if you are a keener skip stairs for extra muscle strength. As soon as the first snow flake falls your mouth demands a hot chocolate but resist temptation. No one’s judging you for indulging once in while but try something lighter, a herbal tea perhaps? Living a healthy lifestyle will not only help us be confident individuals but allows us to perform better in our day to day tasks whatever it may be. So skip the junk and kick it out of your trunk.  

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