Sunday, October 25, 2009

Resolutions For You

   If you’ve had late nights, in sweat pants and have waited hours in line to buy your coffee from Timmy’s, chances are you’ve just survived the first half of the fall 2009 session at UTSC. Now that you’re done, you want to wind down and simply ‘chill’. Don’t get too comfortable yet, because finals are just around the corner. Re-evaluate your good and bad study habits, how could you have made your life easier? With stress comes heavy repercussions, so remember to exercise, eat healthy and allocate your time for readings and assignments. It will take you only ten minutes to create a goal sheet and schedule to better manage your time this semester. If you follow through, you will be sleeping like a baby during finals. Take my advice and I promise you’ll ace your test. Remember that time is something that you can never get back so make good use of it.

Check out my goal’s for this semester.

1) Wake up @ 7am

2) Eat a balanced breakfast (This will help you concentrate for your 9am classes)

3) 30 minutes of Cardio / 3 days a week

4) Yoga class/1 a week

5) Stay on top of homework and Prepare notes for finals along the way

6) Make appointments with the writing centre/ TA 2 weeks in advance

Best of Luck,

Ace ;)  

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Anita said...

Great Advice Ace!!