Friday, September 26, 2008

Grad school, professional school, or post-grad diploma?

With lots of friends currently putting together their application packages for medical schools and other things, I am forced to also think about my future after UTSC. Although, I still hope to get some full-time work experience after I graduate, I guess it's also a good idea to consider further education.

It was a time-consuming task to research universities when I was applying from high school, I guess I have to do the same again. However, it's always good to know there are resources and people available to help me.

Mark you calendars, Professional & Graduate Fair is happening on October 2, 7, and 8th at the Meeting Place. With all these schools coming to UTSC, you can get all your admission questions answered by school and program representatives. It's always good to drop by and pick up pamphlets and brochures to see the wide range of programs available. And lots of schools give great freebies including pens and post-its, things a student can always use.

Here are some pictures from fun times last year:

See you at the P&G Fair!

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