Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Day of School!

Welcome back to school & happy first day of school to all the UTSC students!!! I know that the first day of classes brings about new beginnings & new school resolutions each September. The first week of classes is filled with new professors, buying textbooks, planning your schedule, and organizing your life according to your course outlines/syllabuses.

Many of the NEW students who are starting first year will have various questions about any of the above & will be looking for some help at The Academic Advising & Career Centre (AA & CC).  Be sure to stop by to ask questions about:

  • course conflicts
  • part time job & work experience
  • wait lists questions
  • work study applications
  • academic schedules & issues
  • and MUCH more!

The best way to answer those quick questions is to stop by AC 213 IN PERSON (beside the Library in the ARC). The office does get busy, but if you are patient then you can probably be helped that very day.

Be sure to check out what the AA & CC does to support students and the hours the office is open. Good luck with your first week of classes!

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