Thursday, August 21, 2008

Time to update that resume

September is fast approaching and that means two things:
  1. Clean up my room and get into study mode again.
  2. Clean up my resume. 
After a summer of exploring new things and gaining new experiences, I definitely have quite a bit of updating to do for my resume. This not an easy thing to do.

I still remember when I first tried to create my resume, I was staring at a blank screen for hours. Thankfully, the Academic Advising & Career Centre has a lot of resources on how to do a resume. 

In addition, peer employment counsellors and career counsellors were also available for appointments to help me improve my resume. So if you're thinking about starting or updating your resume, make sure you make use of these resources.

Other handy tools I use:
UTM's Resume Tool Kit

I'm going to go work on my resume now.
Bye for now,

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Anonymous said...

Thanks I'm working on my resume and I found this helpful.