Friday, July 18, 2008

On Campus @ UTSC

By now you're probably registered in courses for the fall and winter semesters. 
If not, my blog from last week can give you all of that information.

Let me share a few of the things I love to do as a UTSC student!
There are some great resources & places to go on this campus, let me tell you about a few...

 -- It's the first day of the week.
To prepare myself for the week ahead I like to work out and get my energy up! 
(You've seen my muscles, haven't you?)

Try using the athletic facilities on campus:

Tuesday -- You survived Monday, now what?
"Toonie Tuesdays" can be found ON CAMPUS at our hot dog vendor - ONLY $2!!!
Need vegetarian or halal? -- Don't worry, both are available.

Wednesday -- It's STUDY time!
Head to the library where you can study solo in the carrels, or in a group by booking a private study room.

The library also has computers where you can download and print lecture notes. You will need your Tcard for this, so always carry it when you're on campus.

Another great place for all your printing needs is CopyKats, located on 2nd floor of the S-Wing (behind the Meeting Place).

Thursday -- It's Thursday. You might just need a pick me up!
Why not visit the Art Gallery on campus for a refreshing escape away from the chaos of studying and classes.

Friday -- TGIF. It's almost the weekend! 
Why not head down to the Bluff's Restaurant in the Student Centre for a delicious meal or dessert (cheesecake …mmm).


Or, you might want to grab some grub at the local pub, The Fossil and Haggis, which is walking distance from the campus at 790 Military Trail.

You survived a week of University, now it's time for the weekend! :)


p.s. For more photos, be sure to check out my On Campus @ UTSC Photo Set on Flickr.  Enjoy!

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