Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Resources on the CLN: Goinglobal

Want to find a job or internship in a different country? Goinglobal is a great place to start researching. Sign into the CLN, and Goinglobal can be accessed under the resources tab. You can create an account if you wish but it is not required.

There are two different databases that are extremely useful. The first one is the employer directory, which allows you to enter the location, keywords, salary expectations, and the number of employees when researching different companies. Goinglobal generates a list of companies based on your search criteria. However, if you prefer to search for jobs and internships directly, the second database can be utilized. It is under the jobs and internships tab, and you can enter the industry, job type, and academic degree requirements to search for opportunities that interest you.
What makes Goinglobal unique is its country and city guides. When thinking about working abroad, it’s important to know about the culture, cost of living, and the formatting of resume and cover letters (which is different for almost every country), just to name a few. Here is a list of the most important topics the country and city guides cover:

-       Job Search Resources: This section lists multiple online databases specific to the country you want to work in, government databases, staffing agencies, and even newspapers that have job postings. Of course, this is in addition to the database already on the Going Global website.
-       Non-Profits and Volunteer Organizations: The website gives you a brief description about non-profits, a list of non-profit and volunteer organizations with contact information, and how to get these jobs.
-       Industry and Employment Trends: A brief overview of the economy is stated, key industries are mentioned, and the employment outlook both short term and long term is available as well.
-       Top Companies: This is a list of the largest companies in the country, including their asset totals, number of employees, and contact information.
-       Financial Considerations: This section is your guide to the cost of living in the city you want to work in. It shows you where the city ranks on the most expensive cities in the world list, gives you typical prices of common goods such as milk, bread, and coffee ($5.67 USD in Hong Kong!) It also mentions the pricing of transportation and housing.
-       Work Permits and Visas: The process of obtaining different types of work permits and visas specific to your situation is described here. The site also gives you links to relevant embassies and even the forms you have to fill out to obtain your visa/work permit.
-       Resume/CV guidelines: These guidelines tell you everything you need to know – including the size of the paper you should print your cover letter on. This section also includes samples of resumes and cover letters.
-       Cultural Advice: This is an overview of daily life in this country, mentions common slang words, and office protocol. If you’re really interested in culture, I recommend looking at the section If you want to act like a local, which will describe customs that may seem unusual to people in Canada.

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