Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Looking for Experience?

Academia is an integral part of a student's life at university, but an equally important part is thinking about their career goals and aspirations. With job market as competitive as it is today, there is no earlier time to start thinking about your career than today! It is crucial to understand that the four years that we spend working towards an undergraduate degree, can also be used to explore the career fields that are available as a result of your education and interests. To gain a competitive edge, one needs not just the right education but experience that counts as well. But where do one look for to find relevant volunteer or job opportunities? Career Learning Network (CLN) provides just the perfect solution! 

Why Career Learning Network you ask? This website provides an amazing database of jobs that are accessible both by the current students at UTSC as well as our recent graduates. Another cool feature about CLN is that apart from posting various on-campus jobs, lots of off-campus jobs are also posted on a fairly regular basis. For students looking for Work-Study positions, CLN is the place to regularly visit as all the Work-Study position are also posted on CLN. For more information in terms of deadlines and eligibility, feel free to browse through the Work-Study page available at AA&CC homepage. 

Still not convinced that CLN is the perfect solution? There are various external resources that are available for students to explore in CLN, which include Career Cruising, Goinglobal, Directory of Careers and Employment in Canada etc. While Career Cruising and Directory of Careers and Employment in Canada provide a starting point to the question we all ask some point in our life - 'What do I do with my life, which career direction do I go in?' Goinglobal offers valuable information about international opportunities including internship options as well. While booking an appointment with one of our career counselors is a wonderful way to start a conversation, in my personal opinion the appointment is much more productive once the student has invested enough time in exploring their options. The above mentioned websites and many more such resources provide just the right amount of exposure.

Apart from the above, keep checking CLN regularly for various workshops, panel discussions and events that you might want to attend that could help you in the process of exploring your career or further education options. Good Luck! 

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