Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"I got a new job, now how do I make sure it will last?"

Keep a thesaurus with you and look into both positive and truthful words/adjectives that best represent your personality and work habits. DON’T LIE! BE REALISTIC! Don’t hesitate to reword clich├ęs such as “I often tend to overwork myself...”  

Multi-task. This just means learning how to manage your time and not behaving hastily. It is important that communication is maintained with coworkers with regards to using equipment or any other resource applicable to your work position in order to ensure that time is not wasted simply over miscommunication.

      Be "green".  Even though most companies obtain paper/stationary resources at a discounted price, it's safe to say that cutting back on paper will definitely earn you points with your boss.

       Take initiative and be willing to learn new procedures.  Try to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and try to take on projects that would be beneficial to the growth of your company.

      Accuracy and Attentiveness.   Undoubtedly, social skills and your ability to greet coworkers and customers with a warm smile will definitely bring forth positivity to your group.  However, it is also just as important to pay attention to the job as a whole.  Essentially, your focus should be on completing the tasks assigned with accuracy and attentiveness, because a lovely smile alone will not be enough to satisfy and meet the requirements of your boss. 

     Be open to working with different types of people.  You may be familiar with the famous interview line, “I get along with everyone.” Take part in light (not heavy or controversial) conversations,  and as you gradually begin to have a friendly exchange over time, cautiously take it a step further, and discuss issues that may affect the community that he or she may be a part of. 

      Dress appropriately. Professionalism is considered top priority.  Dress according to your work place requirements. It’s best to find out from your supervisor.  Often times, a combination of a simple outfit, with light makeup is preferred.  Simplicity is key!  Not something too extravagant.  For men, it is recommended to go natural and keep facial hair neat. The idea of men wearing visible cosmetics is not a concept that is universally accepted.  If you have facial scars that you feel may be a distraction in a professional environment, look into coverage products.

Stay Positive. Even if the job you’ve signed on for isn’t what you expected, make sure you maintain a positive outlook about the situation you’re placed in.  It’s important to remember that even though the job may not be your “ideal job” (which few entry-level jobs are), it will definitely serve to your benefit aiding in the development of your resume.   However, if you have been there for a while, and are growing increasingly unhappy, speak to your supervisor and make a “pros and cons” list which will help you make that decision as to whether you should stay there longer.  It may also be wise to continue looking for other job opportunities.  

After reading this, and having made sure that you have met this criteria, I assure you that you will absolutely have no problems keeping your new job.  Good luck with your new position, and I hope you found this useful!

Until next time,
Priya :)  

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