Thursday, April 18, 2013

Final Exams and Graduation

Hi UTSC-ers!

Because final examinations are on full gear, I will make this blog post short. 

First, just a quick reminder to double check your exam schedule to see if you have the right room number and time of your exams. You can check that here.
Second, I'm assuming time management has been your best friend for the whole semester.. If not, don't forget to start your study sessions by writing down an efficient and flexible to-do-list. This helps you reduce your test anxiety, make your studying a walk in the park, and in no time you'll ace your exams.
You can print out a daily task planner here.
Third, adapting to your learning style can help you study efficiently. Whether you're visual, auditory or kinesthetic (using whole body movement and real life experiences) learner, it is important to adapt to these learning processes to match your learning environment. Using flashcards, sticky notes around your wall or study table, or even re-watching online lectures may just be some examples.

Lastly, for those intent and are eligible to graduate this June: here is a quick graduation check list you may need to look over. As well as Graduation link for UTSC regarding details about the convocation, date, tickets, etc.

This is my last blog post as this is my last semester in UTSC (sad face), so if you are graduating with me on June, don't be hesitant to say Hi :)

Good luck on your exams!!

See you when I see you,

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