Saturday, January 12, 2013

Job Search Woes

Welcome back from the break! I hope you’re rested up and ready to tackle a new semester.

I’m currently seeking for my first co-op work term (I’m in the management program, remember?), and it’s not at all what I expected. Here are a few points of thought for those of you who might be in the same boat, or who might be looking for a summer job!

Two obstacles I seem to run into during the application process:

1. Properly targeting my resume and cover letter

I can’t stress how important this is. For those of you who have taken a co-op work term prep course, you’ve heard this same song dozens of time. Even if you haven’t heard of this before, now is a great time to learn!

Do not use one cover letter and resume for every single job. Take a few minutes to read through the job description and identify the skills the employer is looking for. Look at your own experiences, figure out where you’ve demonstrated those skills, and focus on those in your resume and cover letter. I assure you, you have a far greater chance of success if you put in the extra few minutes to target your application and not just pass out a generic one to as many employers as you can. Like they say: it’s quality, not quantity.

2. Rejection is a fact of life

It sucks, I know. I was terrified to send out my first job application a few days ago because I don’t want the stream of rejections to begin. A job might look like it’s perfect for you, and you may target your application really well, and still end up without a call for an interview. Rejections are bound to happen. Perhaps the organization just wasn’t the right fit for you, who knows!

The important thing to remember is that getting down after a few rejections won’t help you. Keep your chin up, and keep applying. Don’t forget, applying for jobs is a job too. Don’t let yourself slack at work!

If you ever feel like you need some guidance with your application, book a critique appointment with our Peer Advisors on the Intranet, or come into the office (AC213) and ask to make an appointment with our Career Counsellors or our Employment Coach.

Good luck with everything you pursue!


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