Friday, September 28, 2012

Grad School....wait what?!?!

Hello again everyone!

Welcome back to a new school year.

As we look ahead to long semesters filled with studying, working, studying, sleeping, and studying, many of us are also considering graduate studies. If you’re in (or hoping to be in) the grad studies boat, today’s post is all for you!

Wait….did I just say GRAD SCHOOL? Ohh yes I did. If you’re in your last (or second-last) year of undergrad and you’re thinking about grad school, it’s crunch time! Application deadlines are looming fast and there are lots to do. But never fear, the AA&CC is here!

If you are considering any types of post-undergrad education, your first objective is to research different programs and schools, and figure out what works with what you want to do post-graduation. Essentially, you need to evaluate your goals and match them up with a program.

Grad school applications are much more rigorous compared to undergrad applications; they typically include an application form, specific pre-requisite courses you must take to be eligible, transcripts, references, and personal statements. They may also include specific test scores, resumes or CVs, writing samples or supplementary forms.

Your best bet with grad school applications is to start early! If you’re having trouble figuring out grad school applications, come in to the AA&CC (AC213) to ask questions or check out this tipsheet:

There will be a Professional & Graduate school fair this upcoming Thursday, October 4th from 11:00AM-3:00pm in the UTSC gym. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet representatives of each of the schools & programs and get an idea of what attending that school would be like. Everyone is welcome and entrance is free! See you all there :)


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