Friday, November 11, 2011


Hello everyone!
Hope all is going well. We are more than halfway through the semester and with final exams drawing near, here is a good tip for all of you out there:

Book an appointment with a Study Skills Peer Counsellor!
Disappointed with your midterm marks? Feeling overwhelmed by the number of assignments and papers due by the end of the month? Need some tips in taking better notes or reading textbooks more efficently? Hope is not lost. There's still a chance to bounce back and learn about better study skill techniques. How? By meeting up with one of our Study Skills Peer Counsellors!

Our peer counsellors are senior students who not only have excellent academic records but are trained by AACC staff to help you to improve your study habits and grades. Study Skills Peer Counsellors assist students with various study skills including (but not limited to) time management, taking lecture notes, effectively reading texts, and test preparation and test-writing skills.

Want to know more about your Study Skill Peer Counsellors? See their web page here.

Here are the following steps in booking an appointment with a study skills peer counsellor:
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your UTORid and password to login
  3. Click on “Calendar”
  4. Click on the drop down box in the right corner
  5. Select “AACC Study Skills Counselling”
  6. Select the time
  7. Under Re: select “Other”
  8. Select “Book now"
And there you go!
If you need any assistance, ACE is on Facebook, check out the AACC website or drop by the Academic Advising and Career Centre office at AC213. AACC staff and counsellors are always ready to help out. Best of luck to everyone!



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