Monday, February 22, 2010

Reading week and Olympics!

The 2010 winter Olympics is occurring in Vancouver, BC. As a hockey and speed skating fan, I am so excited to have reading week off to watch the games.

A bit of an update for those who have not been following the winter games: Canada has 4 Gold metals, 4 silver and 1 bronze. For those who are unaware, Canada has never won gold on HOME SOIL- meaning Canada has won gold before...just never won gold in an olympic held in Canada.

Alexandre Bilodeau broke that record by winning Canada's first Gold on HOME SOIL, as well Ricker, Montgomery and Nesbitt has gold for Canada.

picture: Bilodeau winning gold

Speaking of sports, UTSC is hoping to bring in a recreational centre to the campus. Visit re-imagine your campus to find out more!!

Students can be skating, playing hockey and swimming without having to leave campus! Imagine that!! As an athlete and sport enthusiast this is so exciting for me to share with everyone.

Anyways, welcome back to campus, hope you had a good reading week.


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