Thursday, December 4, 2008

les examens finaux

Hey guys! Just practising my French in my blog title ... that means "final exams" (in case you couldn't figure it out) ... I have my first exam in French next week-- so I'm just trying to get ready for it! I was browing online and found a great link:

The website is from U of T's Counselling and Learning Services website; I just thought there may be something there to help you for your upcoming exams. If you scroll down on the website there's actually a whole section on writing exams ... check it out!

Well I hope your studying is going well ... feel free to ask me a question on facebook if you need any other advice. Time to etudier pour le francais!

Au revoir,

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l.a.u.r.a said...

Ca c'est tres bien! Merci beaucoup!